[leek falls blood pressure] – of action of _ effect _

[leek falls blood pressure] – of action of _ effect _



Article introduction

Leek is a kind of vegetable with familiar people, the flavour of leek is first-rate, get everybody’s welcome. The method of the leek that make has a lot of, can fry leek, leek box, leek egg is dish of the daily life of a family, be being made also is easy and simple. The effect of leek should have a lot of, can enhance the immune power of male body for instance, it is a kind of food of Zhuang Yang. If produce hypertensive situation,can be people, does leek fall blood pressure?

Leek falls blood pressure

The attribute of leek and effect

Leek attribute is Xin Wen, have below effect:

Leek has a kind of sweet smell that send out, diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain of can scanty manage, rise to protect liver action, liver secretes bile, biliary help food is digested and decompose adipose, rise to enhance digestive function so, reduce adipose accumulation. Leek can enrage invigorate the circulation of blood all right, medicinal powder Yu, filling kidney helps this world, make haemal flow is accelerated, blood is ropy get alleviating. Some certain nutrition part are contained in leek, have certain auxiliary effect to reducing high blood pressure, but leek cannot eat more, can right amount eat. The naphtha that contains in leek, compound that contain sulfur can adjust hematic fat, dilate is hemal, wait for the dietotherapy effect with have certain to disease of blood-vessel of arteriosclerosis, hypertensive head waiting for a heart. The prandial fiber that contains a lot ofin leek, still can promote defecate, help airframe discharges poison, prevent straight colonic cancer. The glucoside that contains in leek leaf kind, acrid element, sulfide, return those who have antiseptic diminish inflammation to makeShanghai Long Feng forum

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With. The vitamin A that contains a lot ofin leek and support oneselfShanghai noble baby

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Element C, not only can hairdressing protects skin, still can lung of bright eye embellish, sideSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Aid precautionary cold chill. In addition, leek still has appetitive, medicinal powder the action of Yu invigorate the circulation of blood. Because this is analysed from above, leek can conduce to fall hypertensive.

Leek falls blood pressure

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But because leek is lukewarm quality, at a draught also cannot too much eat, things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. , andShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The heat inside deficiency of yin with irritability, the person diet of eye disease.

Because eat leek to be able to raise liver more, can escalate the effort of taste. Leek still has those who treat a diseaseShanghai noble baby

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Action! Can that leek fall blood pressure?

Leek falls blood pressure

The answer also is possible. Because many prandial fiber is contained in leek, can enhance peristalsis of intestines and stomach, to having the patient of colon cancer, still have certain curative effect. The sulfur compound in leek is had fall the action of hematic fat and outspread blood arteries and veins, all have pretty good effect to having cardiovascular disease and the friend that have hypertensive disease.

Say leek is had so fall the function of blood pressure.

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