[newest big data! Like oneself without the woman here coarsens] –

[newest big data! Like oneself without the woman here coarsens] –



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According to investigation, proportion of nearly 7 become female waist buttock are very high, it is more very ” malic waist ” , go to work especially gens, of lumbar abdomenFall in love with the sea

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Adipose accumulation becomes hill. Be like fat of or else disappear, be opposite not only figure, have bad effect to your health. Will learn to learn to help you rapidly the thin waist of thin waist abdomen gem gal, let you cast off the worry of fat waist.

Newest big data! Like oneself without the woman here coarsens (1)

Sitting position turns round:

1, double leg is hit sit on gem gal mat continuously, side of body of both hands park is preliminary.

2, the side outside curving right knee to walk in left foot knee.

3, the upper part of the body is gone to slowly right rear turn round, left hand ancon withstands stand rise on the right side of the side outside knee (different hand is different crural) , normal suction is maintained to spit in the movement, suck1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Gas is vertebral lengthen to upper part, expiratory when the more that abdomen shrinks, toward right rear twistShanghai night net is talked1000 beautiful nets of ShanghaiForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Those who turn is more, can fall the line of sight in right rear and farthermost place finally. Primitive movement is returned to rest after keeping moment, again change sides practices. If left hand is right,cannot withstand left knee, can support not use too much force right knee can.

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