[the zip below perch what muscle? ] _ exercises action _ to exercise purpose –

[the zip below perch what muscle? ] _ exercises action _ to exercise purpose –



Article introduction

Present person likes fitness very much, there is greatly small gymnasium inside the city, go a kind of habit that gym fitness is a lot of youths, fitness has a lot of profitA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, the person figure of long-term fitness can become very good, rectify figure temperament of the individual to won’t be differred, and often fitness is right healthy having rife profit, gymnastical action is very much, this includes common perch among them next pulling, so is movement of this kind of fitness muscle of experienced where part?

The zip below perch what muscle?

The zip below perch what muscle?

Be being pulled below perch is back muscle adds thick wonderful method, basically exercise a back broad flesh is mid, to inclined square flesh (in bottom) , lozenge flesh, humerus 2 flesh, humerus flesh and pectoralis major also have exercise action. Weight and weight photograph are equivalent to pull-up at that time. But1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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With doing pull-up first, do next the reoccupy after be not being moved is exalted pulling, the weight that chooses to be less than weight carves muscle.

The standard action that next exalted pulling

Initiative pose: Sit on the fixed seat of machine of the exercise that pull a back, use wide graspForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Live horizontal bar. Hold out pectoral heavy shoulder, the body slightly tilting back ward.

The zip below perch what muscle?

Behavioral essentials:

1. is inspiratory, flesh back broadness is contractive, get on next azimuth buy is perpendicular pulling from the beginning horizontal bar comes before the bosom, tighten up bladebone constrictive back broad flesh; Stop 2-3 a bit second peak is contractive.

2. is expiratory, have pilot reductive! Carry broad flesh on the back along former district stretch, get the most sufficient drawing till flesh back broadness.

The zip below perch what muscle? The standard action that next exalted pulling1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Should be in apogee is sufficient when extend double arm, want to maintain the small push without using one’s hands of truncal upend and back. Should maintain in whole process quite bosom and take up

Will double ancon is down as far as possible and pull backward drag, go up till rail bring into contact with till chest muscle.

The zip below perch what muscle?

The zip below perch what muscle? The standard action that next exalted pulling

Perch issues zip to be over how drawing

1, bipod and approach, be apart from the face that prop up one meter stands, hip joint and shoulder are the same as tall, double extend go up to the head. Maintain two arms and two legs unbend, bend coxa, the back is exhibited smooth, two tactics holds the range that prop up. Expiratory, push downward on the face that prop up, form back bend.

Remarks: Turn up the pelvis also can be carried on the back below drawing and Mo rope tendon.

2, be apart from a wall one arm is far sit in the groundShanghai night net

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On, two genu are apart. Raise two arms, ancon joint unbend, body pitch, two palms put a wall, be the same as shoulder breadth apart, finger is pointed up. Expiratory, push press metope, bosom is opened, into back bend. Companion two tactics is put in two bladebone upside, push to side downward gently.

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Next zip what muscle? The standard action that next exalted pulling

Next exalted pulling note

The force that 1. notices to use flesh back broadness to contract is pulled use weight, either arm

When be being pulled below 2. humeral ministry flesh group want to loosen, do not want to hunch when the movement is reductive, meet those who affect muscle back broadness get power; The body does not want around to swing, the body should hold as perpendicular as the ground position from beginning to end.

3. notices athletic rhythm control is reasonable, broadness of back of a chair is when the movement is reductive flesh control movement is reductive, is not to loosen condition completely reductive,

4. issues flesh back broadness for more stimulation, maintain be held out on bosom and back small push without using one’s hands. When be pulled below will horizontal bar, pull it the extruding sense with be down bosom to be able to obtain better.

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